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powerhouse dictionary

Started by rmdarezzo, 23 Apr 2012 09:36:42 AM

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question regarding updating Powerhouse dictionary on OpenVms (8.40.E).

Up to now, we have been making changes to a definition and then copying the entire dictionary to our live dictionary area. 
  Is there a method by which a change to just one defintion can be imported into an existing dictionary?
  Any help on this would be appreciated.

  Bob D'Arezzo



You can write PDL to do this or you do the change on both your development and live environments.


Once you've done a dictionary change and everything works okay in your development area, I move the change into test where the users can test it.
After this is complete, copy the dictionary to your Live area.
You really shouldn't be putting dictionary changes Live until they work 100%

However, instead of copying the entire PHD to Live, keep them in sync by doing the changes 3 times (Dev, test, Live) in their respective areas.

If you have to change one data dictionary definition back, then just change the relevant items or records back to how they were. Then no need to copy the PHD!

Are you using POW for your dictionary changes?

and I take it that there are FILLERS at the end of all your RECORDS?



Thanks Colonel,

I am basicially doing this now. After we make a change in DEV we have the developer point his/her dictionary to the DEV area to confirm that the changes work as required.  Once this is confirmed, we move the dictionary to an install staging area.  Our production control staff then copies that dictionary to LIVE when the install takes place.