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Looking for Source of Powerplay Report

Started by gatorfe, 30 Apr 2012 10:14:16 AM

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Hello, I have a user that uses a couple of powerplay reports from cognos connection.  This is powerplay version 7.3.  My colleague that usually would trouble shoot this has left the company and there was no time for a knowledge transfer.  The user has slice/diced the cube to show specific data on his reports.  Is there a way to view what selections he has setup on the powerplay reports anywhere?  The report will not open now for some reason because of some error.  However they don't use the report enough to know what selections they have to recreate a report in cognos report studio as a temp solution until the powerplay reports can be fixed.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



It's possible the report is stored on disk on the server as a ppx file. If so, you might try copying it and opening the copy using PowerPlay Client?

What does "some error" actually mean? It's probably worth finding out exactly what error is being reported and what the user is doing, then we may be able to help.



Thanks MF.  I tried the search on the server PP is installed but there is no file with the name of the report the users sees in Cognos Connection.  The message the user gets when they click on the report in cognos connection is "The request failed because the there is no ticket or passport.".  We did upgrade from ReportNet to Cognos 10 last month.  Powerplay though was not upgraded but the report were working for about a week after the upgrade.