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First off, sorry if this isn't posted in the right area. I couldn't find a major heading of "Impromptu" probably because nobody uses it anymore. 

Anyway, I had to do a new installation of Impromptu 7.0.702.0 (Windows 7) and now my prompts are hitting the 100 item limit.  I have updated the IMPROMPTU.INI file with the picklist limit = 99999 entry but it still limits me to 100.  I have done the install 5 different times now and I keep hitting the same issue.  I've logged in as a local admin account as well as using my own account (I'm a member of local admin) hoping it would make a difference, but nope. 

I also tried going through the registry to see if it was picking up something from there and that didn't work either.  I checked Configuration Manager but couldn't find anywhere to set the picklist limit.

I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere or a hidden .ini file that I'm missing, but I'm lost on this one.

Anyone have any ideas on what I'm missing here?



I can't believe nobody has had this issue.  Anyone?  Can anyone even toss me a couple of suggestions on things to try?


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