Author Topic: Using MDL Script to add user group access rights  (Read 2358 times)

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Using MDL Script to add user group access rights
« on: 21 Jan 2013 02:16:04 am »
Hello ,
I hava a question on user access right of Cube:
the requirement is to create a hierarchy as following (screenshot1, created in transformer).

However when trying mdl script to create the same, the first level "GCPO-Beijing" cannot display (refer to screenshot 2)

Our mdl script is as following, and it's mandatory to make it via script according to the requirement...

OpenMDL "D:\EiSCognos\Models\AAPCube2.mdl"
SecurityNameSpaceMake "s7"SecurityNamespaceCAMID 'CAMID("s7")'
SecurityNameSpaceUpdate "s7"SecurityNamespaceCAMID 'CAMID("s7")'
ViewMake "GCPO-Beijing~User view"

Dimension "Orginzation"
Apex "GCPO-Beijing"
CustomViewMake "GCPO-Beijing"
DimensionView "Orginzation""GCPO-Beijing~User view"
SecurityNamespace "s7"
SecurityObjectType SecurityType_Role
CustomViewList"GCPO-Beijing" EndList
PowerCubeCustomViewListUpdate Cube"AAPCube2" StartList
savemdl "D:\EiSCognos\Models\AAPCube2.mdl"

So, how to edit ‘mdl script’ to achieve the requirement, I need help, thanks in advance.