Author Topic: Drill through - Passing multiple values (by data item)  (Read 18200 times)

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Re: Drill through - Passing multiple values (by data item)
« Reply #15 on: 02 Feb 2015 02:20:51 pm »
Adik is right in saying that apply the same filter logic in both the Master and the detail reports.
If you have a filter like [Country] like 'A%' then put this filter in the detail report also, and then do not pass anything related to the country from the drill through.
Just an example:
If that alphabet "A" is parameter based, meaning a user selects what the country name starts with, then pass the value of that parameter through the drill through, but again both master and detail should have the same filter.
[Country] starts with ?Alphabet_selected? in Master.
[Country] starts with ?Alphabet_selected? in Detail, BUT pass the ?Alphabet_selected? parameter via drill through.

By using a text item based drill-through, you cannot pass the data item as the drill through link will not know which data item value to pass in case there are multiple values. A data item value selection in drill through definition cannot pass multiple values.

Does it help ?