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Looking for Ideas on how to display Metrics and Charts

Started by RL_Boston, 12 Apr 2013 02:14:43 PM

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Hi all, not sure which section to post this question, but moderators please move if you believe there's a better sub-forum.

I am looking to display a few charts onto a large TV monitor, similar to a PowerPoint presentation slideshow.  I just can't figure out if Cognos has this ability or if I need to use another application to display these charts.  As well as having them update automatically when the data is refreshed. 

Any ideas or suggestions?


Hei! Are you using Cognos Real Time Monitoring?

If not, then maybe something like this, open report directly from browser
but you may need 3rd party software to do refresh, or maybe firefox and some add-on..

I'm not sure, just guess, but how Cognos Go! would work, then you could add charts to Power Point
and try to automate refresh with it?