Author Topic: 1. BmtActionHelper:cpp(488):CCLUnknownError:CCL_RETHROW:BmtActionsHelper::DoActi  (Read 6722 times)

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Dear All,

I am doing pilot upgrade project on Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10.1.

I have created required Data Sources and could open the Cognos 8.4 FM .cpf model file in Cognos 10.1 version withou aby errors. I started to validating each table manually one-by-one to ensure nothing missed out.

Now here is the problem, some of the Query Subject (Tables) running fine without any problem. But some of them, doesn't run. The momen I run the query subject, it throws
1. BmtActionHelper:cpp(488):CCLUnknownError:CCL_RETHROW:BmtActionsHelper::DoActi and shutting down the FM. Please find attached screenshot of the error msg.

FYI, i have checked the underying table do exist in the Database. Also when I create a SQL Query in Report Studio, can run the select statement and see the data without an issue.

Your suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


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Perhaps your query subjects are self referencing?  I found this link in a quick search on DuckDuckGo: