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Scheduled Excel2007 Report (as an attachment) not delivered to the recipients

Started by bhaskara, 11 Jul 2016 05:12:49 AM

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I have scheduled a report (in COGNOS Connection)  to delivery the user with excel 2002,PDF, CSV output formats and it is working fine without any issue.the same report i have scheduled for Excel 2007 output format for same recipients. the report is running and it is showing report delivered.but it is not delivered the report to recipient's mail box.

Note:   This option last week working this week only we are facing issue.
I have also added RSVP.FILE.EXTENSION.XLS and set the value to TRUE.under Server Administration for Report and Batchreprot services too.


Have you checked with those who manage your email to see if it is being blocked at the email server?



Thanks for the reply.
I have cross check with email (SMTP ) managers. They mentioned it appears that the .XLSX files are being flagged as .jar files, which is included as a common malware extension by Microsoft. We believe some part of the process that Cognos uses to generate these excel files is causing these files to be read as .jar files by Microsoft, and thus are flagged as malware.

They are asking us to further investigate Cognos  excel file generation process to see why these files are being flagged as malware to uncover a potential application-side fix.

Please advise is there any alternative method.


That sounds... odd. It seems to me the problem is not with Cognos, but the malware detection generating a false positive. You are probably going to have to contact whoever makes their scanning software to see why it would be flagged as malware, then contact IBM to see what if anything you can do about it.

Since they are obviously not malware, the admins should be able to configure their servers such that these files would be allowed to pass when they are being sent by the Cognos server.