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Upgrading from Access Manager 7.3.927 to AM 7.5

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Hello, we currently have AM 7.3927 on a Windows 2003 box.  We want to upgrade to AM 7.5 on a windows 2008 box.  Has anyone done this? If so what were the issues?  Thanks in advance for any input.

You shouldn't run into any problems. Easy to test as well. Just grab your export and bring it in.

If you are currently using Sun One ldap that was included with cognos as user directory, you need to find an alternative:
  Sun Java System Directory Server software is no longer supplied with IBM Cognos Series 7, as of version 7.4.4, or with Cognos Finance as of version 7.5.

Speaking of alternative LDAPs, has anyone actually used anything else than ActiveDirectory or the Sun One LDAP from earlier cognos versions (this is what I used) as backend for AccessManager 7.5?

I am quite interested in alternatives people have used to Sun ONE Directory Server as well. We're facing the exact same 2003 to 2008 R2 upgrade issue.

Thanks, Daniel


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