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Issue while upgrading Cognos series 7 transformer model to Cognos 8.3 T/r


Hi Friends,

We are trying to migrate powerplay models from series 7 to Cognos 8.3. Through some documentation, I understood that I need to save series 7 pp model in .mdl format and open it with cognos 8.3 transformer.

Here is where I got a problem! Our models are using Series 7 Architect model (.cem) as its data source. Hence, when I am opening this .mdl in Cognos 8.3 transformer, the upgrade is throwing an error that says TR1101 :Transformer detected a syntax error at line n in file file_name.

Is there anything else that I need to do before directly opening the mdl in transformer?

Let me know your thoughts on this.


For Architect in 8 you'll use Framework Manager (FM). Architect files can be migrated to FM. I'd suggest looking at any models that do reference an Architect datasource and deleting it prior to trying to upgrade the model. See if that model then opens/upgrades without error. If yes then you can add a supported datasource once the model is upgraded.


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