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Filter values

Started by TheDarkKnight, 20 Feb 2013 07:51:29 AM

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Hi Friends,
i have a adhoc package with a column 'Yearweek ' in a regular dimension.

when i try to filter in Query studio for Yearweek, the format to filter comes as a 'Range' to type (From value & to value).
My need is to have this as select type filter where users can choose the values.

I tried to convert to varchar and implement. In this case, the filter appears as select type but i get a problem here.
For some reason, Rollup of fact values is not working when viewed across Yearweeks when converted to character type.

i also tried having Yearweek (integer type) as business key and Yearweek_C(varchar) as Membercaption. and made Yearweek_C as visible. Again, rollup is not working.

Is there a way, to make filter type to appear as Select for Integers as in above case. or any other options, will be very glad to know.




Expand the regular dimension in the structure tree on the left. Select your Yearweek attribute, and in the Properties window at the bottom, scroll down and find the Prompt Info property. Expand this, and change the Prompt Type from "Server Determined" to "Select Value". Hopefully this will force a value prompt instead of a type-in prompt.




Perfect!..it worked.. Thanks MF.