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Author Topic: Problem when creating a Metric Extraction from a Relational Package  (Read 5530 times)


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The Metric Designer software fails to create a metric extract using a Relational package as an Import source, it shows an error window without any message and then stops.

I'm using Metric Designer 10.1.1 against Cognos BI Server 10.1.1 installed on AIX.

Does anybody knows how to solve this problem ?

Update: Checking the cogserver.log file the error reported by the dispatcher has the following text:

CM-REQ-4158 The search path "/content/package[@defaultName='CAMID("SunOneJava:u:authid=2334849975")/folder[@name='Mis carpetas']/folder[@name='Extraccion de Metricas']/package[@name='VENTAS DIARIAS EM']/model[last()]']/model[last()]/modelView[permission('execute')]" is invalid. An object may contain invalid syntax, or an unsupported character, or the user account in the namespace may not have sufficient privileges. Check the object to ensure that the target destination location does not contain special characters.  CM-REQ-4099 The syntax of the search path is incorrect. You must add the missing at sign (@) character before the attribute "".

Looking for a solution to this error code I have found that IE8 needs to add the site as a trusted site to avoid the XSS to modify the request.

Another solution was to log into cognos connection and give traverse and read permissions on the folder that contains the package.

Another one was to log into cognos connection and give execution permission to the package.

Reading the IBM.COM solutions to this problem the recommend to upgrade to Cognos BI Server 10.2

Please, are there other workarounds that I could try to solve this problem ?

Update: We did the recommended upgrade to the Cognos BI Server 10.2 with no results, the problem persists. We have concluded that this software is full of bugs and fails for no apparent reason, and the permanent need for upgrades and fixes makes this software a bad investment you waste time upgrading for nothing.  IBM support doesn't help either they don't have a comprehensible database of bugs for this software, and the knowledge base lacks everything it doesn't even have a search for product, version or fix status, everything that comes back from a query is confusing and sometimes doesn't even apply to the problem at hand. 

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