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Building Catalogs with API

Started by BruceSpidel, 12 Sep 2005 03:12:09 PM

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I created a catalog with Excel VBA and the API. It works right up till the time I try to add a table through the Impromptu GUI. The Catalog->Tables Add and Alias buttons are unavailable. I am using 7.1 of Impromptu. I tried the schema leveling procedure described elsewhere without success. The only curious thing that I know I am doing is that all the database access is through ODBC to Views of SQL Server Tables.

Is there anything besides schema leveling that could cause the add button to be greyed out? or is there some nuance of schema leveling I should know having built the catalog via the API. I tested the sample   create empty catalog script through the script editor which seems to work correctly but it is using a different access method (dbase)

Any hints would be appreciated.