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Importing data from SQL - controller discards some rows

Started by kudzis, 23 Jan 2014 02:01:38 PM

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This is my dim 1 (called department) structure:

I'm importing data to controller using staging table xstagefact, my dim 1 values go into column st_extdim1. Problem is, all rows from dim 1 level 3 get rejected (i've marked red rejected rows). However, rows from dim 1 level 2 (marked green) are imported properly without an error.

This is my data (element "300" exists in structure, it's not in first image because i've cut it accidently):

Any idea why controller import is importing first 5 rows without an error, but rejects level3 dim1 elements?


The problem is solved - GL accounts dimension was uneven (unbalanced), and I had to change all accounts to level3