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Simple Overview of Steps for Install/Configuration

Started by ck14202, 17 Feb 2014 03:03:52 PM

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I'm having trouble finding an overview of the installation and configuration of Metric Studio on a distributed install of Cognos 10 BI.  I have installed the requisite components: Gateway, App, and CM in the appropriate boxes, in seperate install locations.  Now I am having trouble understanding how to configure it so the main BI app can see it.

I feel like I'm missing something easy.
Any help is appreciated.



If you already have a BI instance you simply install the Metrics component into the existing BI App Server(s) in the instance. That way Metrics is included in the same CM and gateway as the BI instance, and you are simply adding the Metrics Service into the list of running services on the app server(s). I'd suggest you really don't want a separate content manager and gateway for Metrics?



Thank you! I would've sworn that it wouldn't let me install to the existing folder, so I was getting hung up on port numbers, etc. I will try again today..


It needs to be the same "bitness" as the BI server to install into the same instance. If your BI server is 64-bit you need the 64-bit Metrics installer and if it is 32-bit you need the 32-bit Metrics installer. Obviously the versions need to match too.




Don't you need to install the gateway which comes with MS over the top of the existing BI gateway, as it then includes some images needed by MS? Going from distant memory here so I could be wrong.