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Cognos Lifecycle Manager

Started by Jasmin, 22 May 2014 08:25:52 AM

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I am new to the cognos lifecycle manager. I want to compare my cognos 10.2 reports. I have created a project in lifecycle manager and configured it with the server.
When I click on Generate Report List button, it displays the public folder and My folder contents.
After selecting the folder, I could not view my reports in the run in Run 1 tab.
So now what is the next step in this?

please help me to proceed on this.

Thanks in advance,
Sindhu S


Once your list of reports has been generated, you should see a list of all of your packages and folders in "Validate in Source".  Selecting one of these folders or packages should show you the reports.  Here you will need to validate them and set prompts (where needed).

If you are not seeing any packages or folders and instead only see the "Configure" and "Generate report list" buttons, your list of reports failed to generate.  In this case I would look at the log file and check for errors, especially timeout and authentication errors.  The log file is located in the LifeCycleManager\logs folder and is called "lifecycleManager.log".  You may want to start fresh with a new project and pick a small selection of reports to test out first.


It occurred to me after I wrote my first reply that when I first attempted to generate a list of reports in Cognos Lifecycle Manager it failed because the java memory setting was too low.  It is set to 1 GB by default.  You will see "java heap size" errors if this is the problem you are having.