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ORA-12545 when running UpFront report

Started by Dev1975, 12 Jun 2014 07:25:15 AM

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Hello everyone,

I've done some Googling on this but have not found much that relates specifically to Cognos, so I'm hoping that someone here may have some insight....

Customer is running a report in UpFront that connects to an Oracle datasource. Running this report through Impromptu on the server completes successfully, however after publishing to UpFront and accessing via the browser, it throws an error saying it can't connect to the database. The IWR log shows the following:

ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

The browser is being launched from a Citrix XenApp session and further testing has been done by publishing a report that connects to SQL. This report, when accessed in the same way, runs perfectly fine, which suggests that the issue is down to connectivity to Oracle via Citrix.

Has anyone experienced this before? I am not very au fait with Citrix, so am not sure where to start looking so any pointers will be greatly appreciated!



Further to this....

There is a Production server and this one is able to run reports through both Impromptu client and UpFront to the same Oracle database. This also has the Oracle 9.2 client installed. The Dev server can only run these reports via Impromptu, the failure occurs when trying to run the report in UpFront.

In both cases, the services are run under the same service account for both Dev & Prod and both servers are sitting in the same domain. Both have the same install directory for the Oracle client and the environmental path variable is set to the relevant location for Oracle Home.

Any ideas???