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CF changes when moving to Active Directory

Started by gatorfe, 30 Jun 2014 06:04:45 PM

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Hello, we are moving our cognos environment from access manager security to Active Directory security.  The person that oversaw Cognos Finance(version 7.4.2071 MR2) is long gone now.  There is only a handful of users that access it and it is no longer being updated.  We are trying to find out how the change in namespace security will affect Cognos Finance, specifically what we need to update and where in CF so these users still can access the data.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


It's been too long since I've done this to remember the specific steps, but here is the one step that most people forget but is the most critical:

Set a Master Password for each CF application.  You'll find all this in the security section of the documentation.  This way, if it stops working, you can still get into applications to correct any issues.

Also, little known hint:  if you only use CF thick clients (not CF web/network stuff), you can use an Access Manager LAE file as the security provider inside Access Manager.  I've had a client or two run that way for years.  It was never officially supported by Cognos et al, but it worked fine (you just need to be good about taking backups).  If I remember correctly, it even worked with OS authentication instead of basic.