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Author Topic: Cognos Multi Page Dashboard Customization  (Read 6823 times)


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Cognos Multi Page Dashboard Customization
« on: 08 Jul 2014 04:58:06 pm »
I have to customize cognos connection home page  to display my company logo and color.
I followed the instruction on IBM site.

1)   I added portal tabs to the cognos connection. Is there any way vertical tab of ‘multi page’ dash board  will shrink and expand based on report selection?
2)   Is there any way I can change the portal tab colors to my choice of colors? ( I don’t want to use IBM Provided Styles like ‘Corporate’, ‘Classic’ etc.)?
3)   Is there any way in cognos Multi page dash board, I can  wrap the report name in 2 lines? ( If report name is very lengthy)
4)   Is there any way I can implement Portal tab changes/updates at a global level instead of ‘Individual Ids’?