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TM1 control object as datasource in CDM


I'm trying to display data from TM1 in a financial statement generated in Cognos Disclosure Management. My need now is to display financial statement elements in various languages. This is typically done with attributes/aliases in TM1 and I can do it in TM1 itself.

However, when it comes to CDM, I discovered that one can't make (at least I failed) a TM1 datasource connectivity with control object (i.e. }ElementAttributes cube) nor display TM1 attributes of each element in financial statement.

Is it possible to create a TM1 datasource based on a control cube or somehow display TM1 attributes in CDM?

Thank you in advance for any answer.

Łukasz Matuszkiewicz

Hi Łukasz,

Currently there is no direct way for CDM to use multiple aliases, however there is a workaround that could work for your scenario. You can create a TM1 view to use those attributes and then in CDM create a query using this view (basically before generating in another language just change the language in the view and then a full refresh on generation in CDM to fully refresh)

Hope this helps,



FYI - If you have an IBM id you can vote for a request for enhancement for Cognos Disclosure Management to Allow Data Source Connections to TM1 Control Cubes.

Follow this link to vote:

While you are using developer works, could you also vote for this enhancement request for adding a PDF/A output to CDM:

Ian Reid


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