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It seems that the Forum Citizenship is changing when someone applauds the post.
Would it be possible to display something in the post, to identify which of the posts were usefull to someone ??

COGNOiSe administrator:
That's a great idea - we have been investigating a mod call 'Topic Solved' which allows the topic starter to select which post helped solve the problem. It also gets a 'thumbs up' gif at the board summary level. In DEV, we have not been able to get it working. Looks like it could be a formatting issue with the template of the index page. Still working on it. Watch this space...

COGNOiSe administrator:
Re this 'Topic Solved' functionality, we think we have found the bug and should be able to test in a few days.


COGNOiSe administrator:
Hi All,

You should now be able to:
- rate a topic
- (if you started a topic) flag it as solved (tick or cross image at the post-level)

These features will only apply in the product-related boards for obvious reasons. If a topic has been flagged as 'solved' then a 'thumbs up' image will appear at the board index level. At the post level, the post that is marked as the solution will appear with a different background color.

Please let me know if you strike any bugs (like I did - couldn't post/reply)   (if all else fails)


But can the moderators also use the tick / cross image?
Because a lot of users won't do it :S


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