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Author Topic: Name of data item stops a chart showing in Cognos  (Read 6078 times)

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Name of data item stops a chart showing in Cognos
« on: 19 Aug 2014 09:52:25 am »
Right, I have a really peculiar issue that I cannot seem to figure out why it would be happening. I have a list with a line chart inserted (using a master-detail relationship to another query) and then other columns containing data.

From the first table, you can see 'Academic Services Spend (£000s)~' has no trend line, whereas the rest do. If I view tabular data for the trend line, there is definitely data there.

From the second table (which is exactly the same) I renamed 'Academic Services Spend (£000s)~' to 'A' and the trend line suddenly appears?! This happens to a few other of the indicators as well and if I rename them they seem to work. I thought it might be due to the length of the string but there are ones with 50+ characters which have a trend line showing so this can't be the case. Any ideas why this might be happening? I can provide more information if asked for. Thanks.