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Started by aryanhanda, 05 Jul 2007 01:26:04 PM

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Can anyone please tell me how to add a same bookmark (for ex.. country name) for multiple  list reports on a single page.So that those all reports will get displayed for  diiferent countries  one by one....

COGNOiSe administrator

You mean like page-by-page?



By my understanding your requirement is that ,U need to disply 1 list starting and then in second list  u need to give book mark right.If it is ur requirement solution is as follows

create two lists which have a common country column in both  and follow the steps

1. open lock of the page
2. add book mark for the 2nd list country column
3. click on book mark and in property pane select data item value and country
4. Go to 1st list and right click on country column ,select drill trough
5. Go to Book mark tab and select source type is Data Item value
    and Data Item is Country
now you can run ur report

If you want any more information post your question



Thanks Sanjiv.But my requirement is that on one page I have a list report having country only which I have made a bookmark.
On my second page I have 5 list reports which should shows the data accordingly when I click on any country in my first page otherwise all list reports should show the data for the first country from the the  bookmark made  on my first page..

Now what is happening is when I am running the report ,the first page is exactly showing all the countries as hyperlinks.After clicking on any country  the list reports which are there on my second page are displaying the data  but in an wrong order.I mean the first list report on my second page is displaying the data for all countries in the bookmark.Then second list report is displaying the data for all countries and so on ...
But here the actual requirement is the first list report on my second page should first show the data for the country selected on the bookmark page.Then the second list repor should show up the data for that particular country and this sequence should follow  for third list report and so on ...Rather than the first list report first show up the data for all countries and then second list report should show up the data for all countries in the bookmark page and so on..
I hope I would have able to make u understand my question and requirement...


Hi Aryan

Up to my knowledge the bookmarks always used in a single page reports.
We can't use a bookmark for multiple page report.

Note:whenever we are runnning report that should display total report output in a single page (without getting Pageup,pagedown..) otherwise Bookmarks never work.


Ok I am looking at something similar.

I have a HTML report with say 10 pages, on the top of each page I want a menu.




So say we are on page 1 I want to click P2 LINK and be directed to the second page in the report.

Now I realise we cannot do this by using bookmarks, but has anyone managed to hack the function pageRequest(method) javascipt contained in rv.js? This is the "page down" javascript that appears at the bottom of the Viewer.

Make sense?


For the bookmarks to work it all has to be on the same page and I think it may have to be rendered at the same time as well, not sure without testing.

You could create a drill through link to the other pages, so create your menu on page 1 and then create drill throughs to the underlying pages,not very tidy I agree but would work.


Thanks CognosJon

I have sort of come to another solution.

The first page is now a prompt page which the user returns. I then want to add a link within the prompt page which goes and runs the report as pdf.

So ideally I want to steal the Javascript from the little "View Report in PDF" icon, and add it to my report.

Any ideas on how to steal that bit of JS.



Will this report only ever be run as a PDF? if so why not simply change the default output of the report to be that of PDF


The report will run to HTML (the prompt page) then I want a link in there which reads "For more detailed information plus click here."

I want this link to then do exactly the same as the "View Report in PDF" button does (which on prompt pages doesnt have the RVToolbar.) but in HTML link.

I think it must be possible, but I can't seem to hack the Javascript, maybe the below HTML Item will make my request clearer?

<script language="JavaScript">

function viewReport(format) {
   if(f["ui.action"].value == 'view')


<a href="javascript:viewReport.submit()" onclick="format('PDF');" >To access a more detailed analysis of this Matter, please click here to run a pdf report. This may take 30 seconds to run.</a>


Apologies then but i'm not 100% sure as to what you are trying to achieve when running the report. With reference to my previous post, by setting the report output to default to PDF the prompt page will still display as per normal but the report content will be delivered to the user as PDF output.

With ref to the javascript to help you any further if you still believe you need this requirement then sorry my knowledge of this area isn't very great so hopefully one of the other gurus maybe able to offer some advice here.


When you say "The report will run to HTML (the prompt page)", I guess you mean an HTML report with prompts on it rather than a Report Studio prompt page?  I'm with cognosjon here, not quite clear on what you want to do, but the "for more detail..." part makes it sound like a drill-through application.
I also second the PDF suggestion for a small 10-page report where ease of navigation is a concern.  The Acrobat reader lets you jump directly to pages (although it means entering a page number rather than a single click) and I find it much friendlier for navigating multiple pages than HTML.  There are more options for paging - page up/down, slider, arrows - and in a smallish report you can probably get where you want to go as quickly by paging as you can by "jumping".


Bookmarks are great for dynamic content (where you don't know how many pages will be required for each list).  If you know ahead of time exactly how many different list options you plan to make available, I believe a better solution would be the following:

  • Create a table with descriptors of each of your list reports and make each descriptor a drill-down link
  • Set up a text variable with values that correspond to each of your clickable links
  • Create your different lists with a single list per report page
  • Use the text variable as a render variable for each page so that only the desired page/list report is displayed, depending on which drill-down link was clicked by the user