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NEW to COGNOS ,help to do certification!

Started by jaishu, 18 Jul 2007 02:10:27 PM

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Hi ,

I am new to cognos. soon i may be moved to a project involving Cognos(Impromptu) knowledge and stuff,

I want to do a certification in Cognos..but i am not clear about what Cognos.com says.

Can somebody tell me where and how to start , what books to refer, or any study materials..
Some say REPORTNET CERTIFICATION is GOOD, but what certification should i go for..i am confused, guide me pls..

i really need some true information on all this, if some one could help me , it would be greatly appreciated.



As far as I know, Cognos no longer offers Impromptu certification since the product is not a current offering.  ReportNet, too, is not listed since it has been replaced with Cognos 8.  According to the Cognos.com site, Cognos 8 certification is the only type that is listed.

Within C8, there are four 'roles' you can be certified in, depending on job responsibilities.  You should be able to get all the information you need from http://support.cognos.com/en/training/certification/c8_bi_certification.html - be sure to check the links on the right side for the recommended curricula for each is listed.

There are no after-market books about Cognos software.

Good luck,