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--- Quote from: cognostechie on 07 Jul 2020 01:44:30 pm ---Whoa! Thanks MF, you are awesome!

Does this allow creating TM1 cubes? It does say it lets you create planning analytics but not sure if that includes creation of cubes. I want to create cubes using Performance Modeler . If it does then I presume it has sample data already? Ideally I would like to put the data in the DB myself but I can also work with the existing data if that's not possible.

Thanks again!

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Yes, you can create cubes. Planning Analytics is what TM1 has been re-branded as (just like Cognos Analytics is the new Cognos BI). The underlying technology of PA is TM1, and you might see marketing materials about PA that say "Powered by TM1". You might also have a look at the IBMDemos site - there are some good videos and hands-on labs for PA on there:

Have fun!


Thanks so much MF !



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