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--- Quote from: bdbits on 03 Dec 2014 05:36:45 pm ---I think this might just be a language thing where people are merely asking if it is (legitimately) available, rather than where they can (illegitimately) download it. And the reference to share might have meant sharing whether some kind of legitimate student/'learning' setup was available, rather than sharing installers.

But, I am sure we have all seen requests for downloads of the illegal sort, and the suggestion to put that in the etiquette sticky post is a good one.

--- End quote ---

I see your point and thanks for showing the value of giving the benefit of the doubt :)

Posting to an old thread because this is similar to what I need.

Is there any link from where I can download TM1 (Performance Modeler , Developer , whatever else is needed for creating and publishing a cube and use it) for a trial period?

Thanks for your help

The PDFs are here in case somebody is interested


There is a free 90-day trial of Planning Analytics in the cloud, if that's any use to you?



Whoa! Thanks MF, you are awesome!

Does this allow creating TM1 cubes? It does say it lets you create planning analytics but not sure if that includes creation of cubes. I want to create cubes using Performance Modeler . If it does then I presume it has sample data already? Ideally I would like to put the data in the DB myself but I can also work with the existing data if that's not possible.

Thanks again!


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