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AsOfDate report expression is showing the wrong year

Started by Sunchaser, 29 Dec 2014 04:56:56 AM

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Dear all,

As said in the subject, this is something I have in Cognos express but also in Cognos BI 8.4, and I remember that it was the case last year too: since the 28 Dec, in all reports the AsOfDate report expression is displaying the wrong date; for example, today it shows 29 Dec 15, instead 29 Dec 14.
I checked the "My preferences" options, and the timezone is correct. Anyway, I'm not sure there is a timezone in which we are already the 20 Dec 2015, right ?

Do you know where it is coming from ?




Something new, "funny": when I select the "data format" of the object with the report expression, I see that I have choosen "Date" and date specified a pattern.
It is actually: "d-MMM-YY".
It gives me the same thing as if I was doing a dd-Mon-YY on a date at database side directly.
If I delete this format, then the problem disappears...

I would be curious to find out why this problem occurs only on each last week of the year.


I got it !

Funny thing.
If I switch my pattern from d-MMM-YY to d-MMM-yy, then it works. I have now 29-Dec-14 displayed, and not 29-Dec-15 anymore.
It is written in the doc, I must admin.
I don't read docs so often so ... (especially Cognos doc !)