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Author Topic: How to extract all the list of reports in cognos portal to excel  (Read 12126 times)


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Hi All,

Am new to this cognos db (Discussion Board :p)

Can any one explain me 'How to extract the list of reports in cognos portal' to a excel sheet. In our project there are around 400 Report which need to be listed  :-[

Thanks in Advance .. Please advice me  :)

If this topic is already covered Pls provide me the thread link  ::)

Ravi Reddy 8)

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Hello ravireddy,
Do you have SDK? If yes, with the help of already available code from IBM KB, you can tweak it to suit your environment and get the list.

You can also run the CMTools perspective from the CMTools Utility found at:
<You cognos install root for content manager>\bin\utilities\cm\CMTools

Then run the search for "//report" and export it as CSV.



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Thanks for the reply,

But we dont have SDK installed  :-[

I went for a crude process, By seeing the list of report in scheduled reports and right click on the list of reports which are scheduled then export to excel..  ;D