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[Closed unsolved] Displaying pictures stored in Database

Started by sir_jeroen, 17 Sep 2005 09:52:43 AM

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Has any1 experencie in displaying pictures that are stored in a database BLOB field?

I set MimeType to "image/jpeg" in Framework Manager and "DisplayType" to "Picture". I also tried MimeType to "image/bmp" and "DisplayType" to "Value".

I'm using SQLServer's Northwind as sample database and I want to display the Employee's photo in the table Employee.

Nothing worked :S


I don't know if you can use BLOBs directly. I believe you will have to develop a servlet or .Net page to return it from the databse as image/jpeg.


Than can you tell me why there's a mimetype option?
I would say that it would render the request as an image....


We are talking HTML here right? If so, you cannot inject any binary data into HTML output to make an image. You will need to have a servlet, JSP or ASPX page that will set the mime type in an HTML header while returning a BLOB in response to an HTML query.


Ok.. so I was guessing wrong here :'(
Tnx for your efforts and advice... I'll close the topic now


Hi Darek;
have you figured out yet how to display a stored Oracle BLOB image that is saved as jpeg, in Report studio?