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Cognos Real Time Monitoring - what dependecies

Started by Blue, 13 Jun 2016 08:00:46 PM

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G'day all

I've been looking at installing and configuring Cognos Real Time Monitoring.  I've read through the install guide that comes with the package back to front and upside down but it is typical of the quality of IBM doc these days - very confusing!

Nowhere in the doc is mentioned the software requirements.  E.g. You MUST have CBI installed first.  I installed it per the guide thinking CBI was included.  Nope.  I also though WAS and IBM HTTP server would be included.  Nope.

So I installed CBI 10.2.2 and have it running nicely on a WinSvr2008 machine.  IIS 6.1 is the web server.
I then installed RTM and followed the guide as best I could.  The section on IIS is almost worthless.  It says to create a virtual dir but doesn't say what root to use in IIS not what physical dir to map it to.  (I figured to put it under ibmcognos and point it at the webcontent folder under the new realtime folder in c10_64.)
The file "landingpage.htm" has lot's of errors and shows blank in (initially) i.e. 8 and then in Firefox 47.
But when I open the file directly it shows up in the web browser nicely.

I haven't installed WAS.  There is nothing in the doc to say where I need to install WAS.

I would appreciate any insights and guidance on installing and configuring this wonderful tool, if you would be so kind.

Robert Edis
Robert Edis Consulting
Rotorua, New Zealand