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Updates to Cognoise

Started by Andrew Weiss, 15 Apr 2015 10:53:47 AM

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Andrew Weiss

Hello Community,

Hopefully you've noticed some changes recently as MFGF (top Cognoise poster and moderator) and I went through each category and board with a fine tooth comb to decide how to consolidate, reconcile, create, or outright delete boards.  The first phase of the cleanup is done and now MFGF has taken on the laborious task of moving posts to their appropriate homes.  In addition to shuffling items around we're planning on updating the theme a bit.  Nothing to drastic but a few color changes to spruce things up a bit.  We've also added a plugin into the forum to make it easier to view posts on your mobile device using Tapatalk.  Check it out here: https://tapatalk.com/.

Thank you all for your support on this community driven forum and as always if there's any suggestions our there feel free to drop me or MFGF a note.

Andrew Weiss
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Thanks for all your hard work in doing this, Andy! We really appreciate the efforts you and the BSP guys make in supporting us on Cognoise! :)



Agreed. And you too, MFGF.  8)



I come to know that we have updated version of Cognos fro 10 to 11
How much its true and If it's the please let me know the differences between 10.2.2 vs 11


This post was about changes to Cognoise - the thing you are looking at right now.

Yes, Cognos is moving to version 11. Discussion on that is over here: http://www.cognoise.com/index.php/topic,29442.0/topicseen.html