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Hi Guys,

We are using Tranformer 8.3 to create cubes in Cognos Connection, does and of you know if we are still able to use Cognos Script 7.4 to automate the process of build cube, archive, copy,...

Thanks in advance

We use cubeSwap in Cognos8. I automated it thanks to a document on Cognos Support, right here:


If you use Transformer 7.4, you can get it with Cognos Script Macro.
If you use Transformer 8.3, you need an MDL script, but this script allows you to generate the cube, but what happens if you need to create custom view associated to user class?


--- Quote from: davidsoc on 19 Sep 2005 08:40:51 am ---Has anyone seen enough of Cognos 8 to know if there is any OLAP cube build automation built in?

By that i mean, back-up, build, verify, move to production etc. We are looking to develop this using a macro supplied on Cognos SupportLink but do not want to put too much effort into if we are upgrading in 6 months anyway.

Thanks for any help!


--- End quote ---

hi, i never seen OLAP cube build automation but what i know i heard there are 2 utilities available for Cognos 8 Cube automation.

a) CubeSwap Utility to swap the old and new cube
b) pcConn Utility which updates the Cube Data souce connection to the new cube.

Please let me know, which one is the best way to refresh the Cube in Cognos 8.3 environment.

Version 8.4 of Transformer contains something called 'deployments' which automatically publishes cubes up to the content store without requiering unwieldy cubeswap scripts.

You just need to call COGTR.EXE with the correct command line to build and publish your cube automagically.

Its all in the manual.

I have also attached a mor concise summary of it.

Please let me know if this document is useful.


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