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Author Topic: Query Studio and Analysis Studio Deprecation, MetaManager has you covered  (Read 3263 times)

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Have you heard the news?  IBM Cognos 10.2.2 will be the last release with Analysis Studio and Query Studio.  While (soon to be) legacy content will continue to work in future versions, there will be no way to maintain or create new content in this form.  IBM’s explanation on the topic:

As the gap between ad-hoc query and analysis is closing, users are more and more confused by the multiple studios available to them; jumping between different studios is time consuming and inefficient, interface designs differ dramatically requiring double learning. To resolve these issues, Cognos Workspace Advanced was created to address both of these activities, and more, in a user experience. As Cognos Workspace Advanced matures, the necessity to maintain three studios is being readily diminished. By focusing our resources on a single studio, we can address customer requirements with greater efficiency. -IBM

What does IBM expect you to do? Well the first suggestion is to rewrite your reports directly in Workspace Advanced.  The second suggestion is to convert your reports to Workspace Advanced by opening each one in the studio and performing a Save As. I sure hope you’re not planning on doing this one at a time! Keep in mind that converting and performing a Save As means that you’re going to have to reapply ownership, descriptions, security, etc.  Don’t worry though MetaManager has you covered.

Continue reading on the Avnet Blog to see our new features in MetaManager for migrating content.
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