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Formatting my report

Started by Abdel, 03 Jun 2015 01:03:45 PM

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This should be fairly simple, hopefully.

I have two charts (pie and bar) sitting next to each other in a split cell format, which is great. However, they are positioned a tad bit too far from each other. This is annoying, there is loads of pace in between. How can I lessen this space so they are closer to each other like a newly wed couple  :D

Excessive space inbetween objects prevents me from placing in a PDF document.

See attachment.



Here is a second attachment.


Select whatever contains the two objects and check for properties like width, padding, margins, collapse, etc.

If you want them next to each other, why have two separate cells? Just drop them into the same cell, they should stay side-by-side barring other formatting properties overriding that.


Hello there .... Thanks for your response.

When dragging the the second chart to sit to the right of the first chart it annoyingly goes to the bottom instead.



Hello Abdel,
Can you please select each table cell and check the size and overflow properties? It should show you if you have any sizing specified that may be causing this issue. Also, select the entire table and remove the 100% width specified in the size and overflow property.

Let us know if it helps!!!



Yes. That did it, sir!

As always, thank you plenty.