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Started by ReportBill, 28 Jul 2015 12:38:05 PM

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Hello. New to the forum.  I am trying to create a report in Cognos 10 which will display values for all 50 US states.  I would like the data to be displayed (down 13 entries, then up, over and down 13 and repeat) as follows:

State         Count         State           Count          State           Count
Alabama       50           Kentucky        38            Ohio               17
Alaska          13           Louisiana        22            Oregon           33
Arizona         16           Maine            65             Pennsylvania   45
more.....                      more.........                    more.........

What is the best way to accomplish this task?

Thanks for the help!


You want a repeater table. There are properties for the repeater table for the number of cells and the order.


I tried to add a Repeater Table, but I am only getting one cell.  How do you add cells?  I tried to convert a list, but I only get one cell.


You mean in design mode or when you run it? Because you only see one cell in design, and it repeats according to the number of rows in the result set ordered as specified in the repeater properties.

If you are only getting one cell when you run the report, then I guess I am wondering if you either only have one row (unlikely) or you did some tweaking that is inadvertently suppressing the repeater cells. Maybe you could attach your report spec, if there isn't anything confidential?