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Issue when attaching different output (HTML and PDF) to burst delivered reports.


We have a report which has two different outputs, based on reportoutput() boolean variable. When the output is HTML, it shows only part of the report, when it is PDF, it shows all of it.
It works fine, even when I schedule the report  to be sent by email. The mail body (HTML) shows different content than the attachment (PDF).  However, when we distribute the report via bursting, setting the mail to attach the two outputs, Cognos Express 10.2.1 sends two mails to each recipient, one with HTML and other with PDF attached, which is not an option. Is it a way to deliver the two outputs in only one mail per recipent?



Hey Leonardo,

Were you able to find a fix for this. I have exactly the same situation and trying to find the solution. I know event studio could do the trick for me but I am trying to avoid it.

Let me know even what did you do?


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