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CDM: security negotiation error


I have Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) 10.2.4 installed. When trying to connect to server for the first time i get "a negotiation error has occurred"
in the allerrors log file following error messages are listed. Can anyone decode this message for me and guide as to what is the solution to this. I appreciate any help.

--- Code: ---2015-11-05 12:24:28,988 [3] ERROR Ibm.CognosDM.Api.PluginsManager - CDCGN00500E (null) Plugin DashboardPlugIn was loaded. ErrorFormat  0 
2015-11-05 12:24:29,018 [3] ERROR Ibm.CognosDM.Api.PluginsManager - CDCGN00500E (null) Plugin TasksPlugIn was loaded. ErrorFormat  0 
2015-11-05 12:27:53,988 [1] ERROR Ibm.CognosDM.App - CDCGN00025E ExceptionToken: Unknown [LayoutPersistErrorException] Error  0 System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Ibm.CognosDM.Storage.Bases.UserDataSetBase..ctor(String storageLocation, String user)
--- End code ---

Thanks again.

When CDM adds a AD user, it assigns AD user  a name in the format - *AD_server_name: port\*+Username.
When CDM working with Windows directories client CDM create a temporary folder to upload for each user separately. And since there is a symbol in the name of "\" is created redundant subfolder.
I directly change the value of "LoginID" field (delete part *AD_server_name: port\* ) in the database CDM in the table "core.User" .
Exporting objects began to work correctly. I hope nothing else will break because of this change.

Hopefully IBM will correct formation of this field, or give advice on setting it up.


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