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Redirect loop after installation of Cognos Analytics 11

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Hello tshw,

Thank you very much for the information,Sorry for the delay in replying to you.

I will work on this in the next week and update you guys.



--- Quote from: tshw on 08 Mar 2016 07:05:37 pm ---Anyone,
Does your SSO work after session timeout? SSO works when I go to <servername>/ibmcognos
However, once timed out, it will not do SSO again.

--- End quote ---

We have the same problem.  I haven't had a chance to try working through it yet.  Interested to know if anyone else has found a solution.


thanks for the ppt on the new gateway install and posting it publically.  At 1st glance it appears even better then the ibm doc I've received.

If you were paying attention.

For those that are using the re-write in a distributed environment, you'll have noticed that the re-write points to a single server "http://<web_server>:<web_server_port>/alias/bi/" therefore a single point of failure, if that application server goes down, then you loose SSO.

There are some instructions available for creating an IIS web farm, quite simple, basically you create web farm called "cognos_disp' add your dispatchers and port # to the farm, then point your re-write to the farm (cognos_disp)

We can also get around this by creating a URL alias at a router level (above my pay grade) to get around this too.

Additionally, there are new instructions from IBM on how to create the re-write in 11.0.3 I've done the 11.0.3 install, but used the original instructions, and all works well.


Could you please share installation and configuration checklist for Cognos 11.We are looking to migrate from Cognos 10.2.Also please share if there are any issues encountered.



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