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Migratin ImpromptuV7 to V8

Started by HOLDIGO, 08 Oct 2007 08:46:55 AM

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I'am looking for how to make migration of Impromptu reports
with deploytoC8.bat.

I have read the cognos documentation about migrating tools

I have made an import of an Impromptu Catalogue to Framework manager.

But i don't arrive to migrate a simple report V7 to V8 ( a simple list with 3 columns).

I think i have problem about path.


Can u please post the error messages you are getting and the exact command line with parameters being passed to the .bat file?

There are too many things it could possibly be.


The easiest way to do this is in 6 steps.

1) I use the impcat2xml tool to convert the catalogue first.

impcat2xml c:\foldername\catalogue.cat c:\foldername\catalogue.xml

2) Then use the migratetoc8 tool from the migs7 directory(with the origianl catalogue in the same folder as the reports)

migratetoc8 c:\folder\ c:\folder

This will convert the files to xml format (they are in a zipped file)

3) You then copy the xml file to NOTEPAD.

4 Open Report Studio and select tools - open report from notepad.

5) Now repoint the report to a package.(dont worry about errors for  the moment)

6) You can now open the impromptu report and trace the elements from the Sql/Filters.

Hope this helps.


Hi There,
I am having a question with respect to migration utility tool. DO we have to buy impcat2xml separately because we recently bought Impromptu7.4 and Cognos 8.2. IF yes, is there a webpage where I can find more exact information or please send me more details about it.


No you dont have to buy the tool,Cognos will want you sign a disclaimer,saying that they dont take responsibiltiy if the migration doesnt work..Then they give you the link on the web site,because most of the reports dont migrate that well..I have had to rebuild 20%  (maybe 8 of 10 migrate okay)



I have been in Cognos 7.3 developed Architect model,exporting to catalog,creating impromptu reports and iqd's and create a transformer model then the cubes and powerplay reports.We will be migrating to Cognos 8.3 version.Please let me know how do i go about with this.

Thanks in advance,



       Can anyone please guide me in  migrating Impromptu Reports and Powerplay Reports from 7.4 version to 8.
If you have any documentation please forward it to aravula1@gmail.com