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Hi All,

I am a COGNOS fresher and now have started to prepare for COGNOS Report Author Certification. Can anyone tell me how to prepare and provide me dumps?

A good start would be read the course materials and do the exercises.

By dumps I hope you don't mean something like this:,29221.msg94393.html#msg94393,15058.msg95295.html#msg95295,29963.msg97325.html#msg97325

Hi, I dont want Previous year QA. All that i need is proper guidance. Right now am referring the link :
But i need to know, if there are any other sources or video links that would help me better. Also, I need proper guidance plan.

I ve now started with Report Studio, then I ll do FM. Is it the right way to learn/Prepare Cognos? Please tell me how to plan.
Also, tell me from where can i get dumps for cognos to install and work in my local machine ???

The best way to learn to use Cognos is to get professional training. Barring that, you should thoroughly read and understand the user guides related to the products you want to learn. You should use the product for a while before trying to pass certification.

As for Cognos, it is licensed software from IBM. It looks like there is a 30-day trial you can get at this link, which until just now I was not even sure existed. Beyond that time, you'll need to contact your local IBM representative for pricing.

Assuming you are in a Cognos-related job, I should think your employer would be willing to let you use a dev environment with samples loaded if they want you to get certified.

Silly me, I forgot the link. Good thing it was still up in another window.  :P|Search|Make%20Personal%20Analytics%20Simple%20with%20Cognos%20Insight|NA|ov6110|3135&group=Cognos_Insights-TR-RTE-Branded-3135&mkwid=78485f09-c8e9-47de-9d8f-0b92ccc88c08|479|58516604948&ct=M161010W&iio=BANA&cmp=M1610&ck=cognos%20insight%20personal%20edition%20download&cs=b&ccy=US&cr=google&cm=k&cn=Cognos_Insights-TR-RTE-Branded-3135&gclid=CjwKEAiAo7C2BRDgqODGq5r38DsSJAAv7dTPrGy9FkUWko-OPKEmjCOmV79X4QsT_978smGywJwCPBoCBQHw_wcB


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