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Comparison between cognos Reports and crystal reports


Hi Everyone

can any one pls help.I would like to know the difference between Crystal report and IWR(Impromptu Web reports)

Comparinsion between crystal report to IWR, IMR

hope people working on cognos will help me out.


Go for Repornet. Nothing better than that in the world as of today.

Hi Thnx for ur effort.

My actual meaning was difference between crystal report and cognos Impropmtu Web report.
Crystal Report Vs IWR.
I would realy appreciate if any one helps me out.

thnx in advance

COGNOiSe administrator:
I surfed yesterday to see if there was anything out there that might vaguely answer your question but nothing much by way of literature comparing the two. I would be very interested if anyone here had experienced Crystal XI http://businessobjects.com/solutions/crystalreports/default.asp and how that compares with Impromptu.

To be quite honest, the features mentioned in the brochure looks quite good. Crystal has always been loved by the accounting folk/masses and seems to have been poo-pooed by the tech community as a result.

Here's the product review :

This has been discussed many times in the past, here are just a few thoughts from other forums.


In my opinion as a person who uses IMR, IWR and Crystal Reports.

For ad hoc reporting Crystal wins everytime, because of the ease of use and flexibility it offers to a report expert, i.e. direct editing of SQL allows any valid SQL statement including INSERT, UPDATE, UNION as well as SELECT statements. also by the use of subreports and SQL Expresions your report can fetch data from many unrelated data sources. to do this impromptu would require the building of hotfiles as impromptu only allows reporting form 1 data source.

Using Cognos Impromptu first requires the user to create a catalog of the database tables and specify how all of the tables are linked to each other. Whilst this can be time consuming the benefit is to the casual user being able to create reports without the need to know anything about the database structure.

The answer to your question really depends on how you and your users wish to use the end reports. If you have more specific questions about your particular requirements then please state them.

also take a look here :


and here's an excellent study done by Bristol university on Reporting tools in 2002





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