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Internet Explorer 8 Vs Cognos 11.0.3


This is a strange question. And I am very aware that 'officially' Cognos 11.0.3 doesn't support Internet Explorer 8.

However, due to a peculiar set of circumstances my organisation is currently stuck on Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. Why we are stuck on XP/IE8 is a long story and a case study for avoiding technical debt.

I would like to know if anyone has been able to test if IE8 actually works against Cognos 11.0.3 regardless of it not officially being supported.

I think I know the answer to this now !

Just tried Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer 8 Emulation mode against the IBM Cognos 11 Cloud demo version. You can navigate around the new interface but you cannot run any report content.

It displays a standard 'browser is not supported' message, followed by a specific component error, followed by a blank screen.

Back to the drawing board.

Did you ever find any way around this? I've got pretty much exactly the same problem in that my organisation is still using IE 8



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