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Portal Pages in Cognos 11


Currently, in Cognos 10.x it is possible to create custom portal pages that can show several items such as reports, navigation windows, specific Cognos folders, a web page etc.  This can be useful to setup a ‘Start of Day’ page with updated metrics.

Within a portal page, it is possible to have portal tabs which can allow for groupings of pages.  For example, a client may have a portal page of Intranet with tabs within here for the Intranet home page and company website.  Below is an example of portal pages in Cognos 10.x

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We're seeing large numbers of IBM Cognos 10.X organizations struggling to move to IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X as they have a large investment in Portal Pages and Portal Tabs based on IBM Cognos 10.X Cognos Connection functionality.

With IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 there is a way to provide equivalent functionality that IBM Cognos Admins/Developers should have a look at:


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