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Drill Through on a Report View in Cognos 10.2.1

Started by kapilreddy, 17 Nov 2016 04:38:02 AM

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I have one Report it contain One Prompt i. e. Agencies. When i run report with Multi select it runs fine for me and my colleagues, but when client runs it doesn't run it's getting stuck. User try to select one value at a time in prompt it runs fine till selecting 5 values(1300, 1400, 4700, 6800, 6900), but when the user selects 6th value(7500) and run the report then it's getting stuck for this particular value. Anyone know why this happening for one particular value in Prompt. Is this COGNOS issue or Database side issue?




Always try to fix your problem at db side then at Cognos layer (FM and/or Reports)

1. Try to execute a sql query at database side with in clause having all the parameter values (You can use generat sql for the query generated by your cognos report). If query is executing fast enough then try find why report is stucking.

I hope this will help.
Finally share your findings. It will help others

Thanks & Regards,
Mayank Sanghvi