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Cognos 10.2.1 express - general behavior during report generation


Hi all,

I have a question that may sound strange to you, but ... let's try.
On a Cognos express 10.2.1, with Oracle DB and native query mode, I have managed to record at DB level when the prompt page is created and when the first page of the report is generated (let's say I have 4 pages, one used as "cover-page" and 3 other pages).
The strange thing I see is that each time the report is run (manually), the function called by the first page (the "cover-page") is called twice, despite the fact that the page itself is created only once in the PDF, and this part doesn't split on several pages.
On others Cognos BI versions (not express), I don't see the same behavior, in the sense that the things I'm recording on DB level when a page is created are not recorded twice, and if it happens, it is only because the page itself has been created two times (so, a quite logical behavior here).

Per chance, does anybody knows where this behavior could come from?



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