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Author Topic: Drillthrough error  (Read 7815 times)


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Drillthrough error
« on: 12 Jul 2005 09:36:31 pm »
I am trying to create a drill-through from PP cube to PP report but keep getting this error message "The request failed because there is no valid cube mapping to handle the request"

steps leading up to error:
* load cube with PP for windows and save my view as test.ppx
* in transformer, i open cube properties, tick 'allow drill-through', add a custom report 'c:\cognos\cer4\bin\test.ppx'
* update the cube
* open PPES server administration and insert my new report
* insert cube, then open its properties and change drill-through settings to:
powerplay cubes= enabled
powerplay windows target: cognos:8010
powerplay web target: http://cognos/cognos/cgi-bin/ppdscgi.exe

Any ideas?


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Re: Drillthrough error
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jul 2005 02:08:08 am »
Does the drill through work for client only use?  ie is it falling over when using though your Enterprise Server?

Ensure that the cube and ppx are registering with your PP Enterprise Server.



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Re: Drillthrough error
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jul 2005 05:00:03 am »

your absolutely right - i'm an idiot. i had it pointing to a local cube.

thank you