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Multiline search and select and export to excel?

Started by patton, 09 May 2017 02:38:37 AM

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Our users want a couple of features from the Analysis studio reporting from a DMR package:

1. Similarly to Reports Studio input text prompt, they want to copy / paste e.g. 200 codes from Excel into a filter. I've tried to get a single filter in AS accept more than 1 argument, but to no avail. Basically they want to create a set with 200 members from a copy paste. I've tried search and select from member, also no avail Is there a way to get that functionality in AS?

2. Since there is a lot of reporting of products, all products have a code and a name, and they want to display | CODE | NAME | side by side, and not into 1 data item (I could just concatenate it). The reason is they want to export it to Excel so they have 2 separate columns for code and name, and they do VLOOKUP with code. I know Query studio has somewhat requested functionality, but they only want to use AS, Dashboards and maybe Report Studio. One more tool in the mix will make them confused.

3. Are there any rumours of when the integration of AS and QS into Report Authoring will be? I don't want to accustom them to the AS and then 2 months down the line, puff, it's gone.

Thank you for your answers.



In my opinion: Analysis studio is really designed for ad-hoc queries, and as far as I am aware no further development is going to be done on it. It is great for ad-hoc queries, but it was never really good for highly formatted or prompt-driven reporting. And because of the underlying queries it creates, it is a major pain point to convert to Report Studio format at a later date. It sounds like this is a new Cognos setup, in which case I would definitely not be rolling out AS without some very good reason for doing so. It's kind of like running DOS programs in Windows 10 - just because you can doesn't mean you should.

I guess my answer to your questions is to stop using Analysis Studio. :D