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Error when Launching Analysis studio from My Content


We have Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 and when I save a AS analysis anywhere in Team Content, it launches perfectly fine. But when I save it to My content and try to launch it, an error message appears "ANS-MES-0005: An unexpected error occurred. If the problem continues, undo your action or close and re-open your Web browser window. " When I copy the same analysis to Team content, no errors appear.
I've tried modifying the reg key , but it already is MSXML3.dll, third party extensions are disabled, pretty much any solution doesn't work. Other computers show the same error msg, but only when launching from My Content. This is a big deal, since our clients want to save AS analysis to their own My content.
Any solution?

EDIT: I tried accesing our test CA portal that is on 11.0.6 and there everything works fine. Is this an issue only on 11.0.5?


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