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Report issues between 10.2 and 11.5


Hi all,

We have upgraded to the new analytics platform and currently in the process of QA comparisons of 10.2 reports and their counterparts in 11.5.  both the 11.5 and 10.2 environments are pointing at the same DB however while some reports are passing QA with matching results, others are running fine in 10.2 but in 11.5 they are coming up with No Data Available.  I checked permissions but they all appear to be the same between reports that work and ones that don't.  I am the admin so I would imagine that if it were permissions, At least I would be able to see results. Any thoughts or direction that you can point me in.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Are the database sign-ons set up the same on both?

Hi bdbits,
Thanks for response.  The original plan (and im not sure why the DBAs did this) was to have a 10.2 DB and an exact copy of that db for 11.5.  After working with them last night, it was found that there were some variances between the two (cause of that is unknown right now but that's besides the point).  So for now, I just pointed it at the original DB while the dba sort things out (QA testers can be a little impatient..heh).

Thanks again for your reply!


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