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Author Topic: Cognos MS Office 10.2.2 / PowerPoint needed  (Read 4781 times)

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Cognos MS Office 10.2.2 / PowerPoint needed
« on: 09 Jun 2017 07:30:20 am »
Dear all,

I have received a request from my colleague or - to be more precise - a colleague passed me a request he received, and from my short and unsuccessful experience with PowerPoint in Cognos MS Office, I'm not sure I'll be able to help him and i'm not sure that the request can be implemented.
Does somebody knows here if what i'm describing below is feasible in Cognos MS Office / Powerpoint output?
1) The image attached shows what the user would like to get (I hope the attachment will work)
2) Here is the text he sent me:
For info: customer is currently using Cognos BI 10.2.2 and I am trying to have them upgrade to Cognos 11. But if it happens, not before the end of the year.

Anyway - my question is: do you think the expectations from the Client (see screenshot below) can be implemented in Power Point using Cognos for Office
=> version Cognos BI 10.2.2 or possibly Cognos 11?

I think we need to review each "quadrant" specifically.

    Quadrant upper left
    => to my opinion theoretically possible / no issue since pure graph which can be incorporated easily after selecting it from the Cognos for Office "navigator"
    2 quadrants bottom left ("Regulatory Level" follows the same logic as "Ethics Committee" / therefore only 1 will be described below)
    => I am pessimistic. Because to me, we would need 2 full graphs (already prepared) to be able to incorporate them using Cognos for Office. But:
        I do not think we can have easily a pie with a percentage inside
        + 1 graph title
        + 1 sub title above (e.g. Submissions on time 8 out of 10 {which is dynamic by the way})
        + 1 sub title below (e.g. Completed 10 out of 10 {which is dynamic too by the way})
    Table on the right hand side
    => "maybe" feasible (?) with some formatting in PPT but not even sure that would work + the green "ticks" seem to be a major issue to me
    => of course, we are aware that depending on the number of countries listed, it might be too many for the PPT page but this is a detail in comparison with all other problems there.

Last and not least: when we started to work with Cognos for MS Office, many tries and we did manage to use some Page Sets / Master Details (one page by Country) but the behavior of the application was such that we would have needed to position every single Cognos object within the PPT manually - not only for the first PPT Page !
... which if no misunderstanding from me would make it impossible to work with this module - taking into account that one day the Cognos page set / MAster detail might return 10 countries and the day after 15 countries ... no time to reposition every single object every time the number of countries changes.

My major concern is that it planned to get it in PowerPoint, else it wouldn't be a problem.
What do you think? Should I say "forget about this"?


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Re: Cognos MS Office 10.2.2 / PowerPoint needed
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jun 2017 08:15:00 pm »
You can try building this in Excel and embedding a link to that file in powerpoint. Try it as we have did something like this but not a complicated one.
Good luck
New guy